Doctor of the Year


Dr Sinha has worked hard to raise a family, whilst furthering a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In 2001, Dr Sinha joined a general practice in Redbridge, and her knowledge and qualifications in family planning have been particularly useful in serving the Redbridge community. Over the years, Dr Sinha has been able to expand the practice to over 4400 patients. Dr Sinha has recently been awarded the prestigious FFRSH AND FRCOG qualifications. As a proud member of the community, Dr Sinha has enjoyed being able to bring her experience of different cultures and languages to serve a vibrant and diverse community.


Dr Taylor has been working as a GP since 1991, as part of a friendly family practice in Redbridge, which has been in existence for over 46 years. Dr Taylor takes pride in her work and has consistently maintained a high standard of practice. She works closely with the PCT and local hospitals, and is a great supporter of the RSPCA. Aside from this, her interests include loving, showing and breeding Siamese cats. She also own the Supreme 2007 winner – Supreme UK Imperial Grand Premier Tianlex Full Monty – and her patients have followed his wins, progress and press releases with extreme interest.


As a Primary Care Physician and a Senior Forensic Medical Examiner with the Metropolitan Police, Dr Kumar is responsible for maintaining the well being of detainees, officers and victims of crime. He is an advisor on medical aspects of the law, and has been highly commended by Borough Commanders for his hard work and dedication. Sanjoy also runs a clinic for violent patients, protecting fellow colleagues from facing the risk of assault. Along with representing doctors on the Local Medical Committee, Sanjoy also finds teaching at Queen Mary’s & Westfield School of Medicine extremely rewarding.